McELLIGOTT OILS, ASDEE U-16 NKLge Div 1 Report   23/05/2019


LISTOWEL  EMMETS   3-16         MOYVANE   4-09    A.E.T.

Clounmacon was buzzing as the young footballers of Moyvane and Emmets went toe to toe last Monday evening,13th May, in the U-16 NKLge Final.Both sides had gone undefeated to this point with Moyvane, most people’s fancy to claim the title.What transpired was a crowded hour of glorious life as two well prepared ,flying fit,determined and skilled teams called upon all they possessed striving to win the League for their respective teams.Emmets had two points inside the opening 5 minutes,Moyvane responded with the first of four goals-Dara Mulvihill finding his namesake TJ,with an opportunistic quick free to rattle the net.Darragh Carey leveled matters with his second point from play before TJ Mulvihill lobbed Darragh Fitzpatrick for Moyvane’s and his second goal in the 7th minute.The pace and intensity at which the game was being played was remarkable and there was to be no let up. Patterns were beginning to emerge, Emmets had an advantage physically which they used with strong running at the Moyvane defence by Dylan Quinn,Tony Boland,Jack McElligott and Tom Harte, while Moyvane were looking to move the ball quickly making use of the full width of the pitch. Emmets scored 4pts from play through Cillian Holly(2pts),Jake Shine and Dylan Quinn to level the scores at the end of the first quarter.They were not to score for the remainder of the half as Moyvane added 4pts to their tally through Dara Mulvihill,Rian Quinn,Jack O’ Keeffe and TJ Mulvihill. On the stroke of half time Moyvane were dealt a severe blow to lose jack O’ Keeffe, who was having a great battle with Jack McElligott in the middle of the field, to a black card for pulling an opponent to the ground.The half-time score read Moyvane 2-05  Emmets 0-07.Seven scores a piece and all to play for.

Tom Harte scored a captain’s point to open the scoring in the second half.Cian Sweeney replied from play and when Dara Mulvihill goaled in the 38th min it put 7pts between the sides.Emmets’s character was being tested now but the 1-03 they scored over the next 8 mins answered any doubts.Niall Horgan goaled,Christopher McQuaid (2pts)-one a fantastic score from a 45 into the breeze and Darragh Carey scored his third point of the night from play.The momentum now seemed to have swung Emmets way, they had figured out Moyvane’s kickout strategy and were lording the midfield battle but no sooner did one think that, when Emmets were picking the ball out of their net again. Ten minutes to play, 4pts between the sides, no drop whatsoever in the pace of the game.Christopher McQuaid pointed a free , Jack O’ Connor replied for Moyvane,Dylan Quinn converted a penalty after Jack McElligott was brought down in the square-a point between the sides with 56mins played.It was frantic stuff at this stage and the farm animals in the vicinity must have been wondering what was going on-Clounmacon was rocking as Dara Mulvihill widened the gap to 2pts in the 57th min, McQuaid from play 58th min and the same player fearlessly equalized in the 60th min from a difficult, high pressure free.The score at the end of normal time was Emmets 2-14  Moyvane  4-08

Extra-Time saw Ger Brosnan pointing for Moyvane in the 4th min and on the stroke of half-time a 45 which seemed to be going wide was re-directed to the Moyvane net by Niall Horgan to score his second goal of the night.Emmets dopped a sweeper in front of the ever dangerous Dara Mulvihill for the second period of extra-time to great effect-Moyvane were not to score again despite valiant efforts while Emmets added two further points from play,coming from young Eddie Healy and Niall Horgan.The final whistle sounded with the score Emmets  3-16    Moyvane   4-09.  

This report does not do justice to the match-it was a fantastic game that had everyone engaged from start to finish.The supporters responded to the efforts of the players and in turn the players rose to the urgings of the supporters, which resulted in a truly memorable atmosphere,Referee Peter Curtin, Brosna, had a fine game and contributed to the free-flowing spectacle, also it was great of Clounmacon to provide 4 experienced umpires.Sean Moriarty,NKB C-na-nOg, thanked McElligott Oils,Asdee for their generous sponsorship,Clounmacon for the use of their facility and match programme and referee Peter Curtin and his officials.He paid tribute to both teams and managements-neither side could have done more, a truly memorable sporting occasion.The trophy was presented to jubilant Listowel Emmets Captain, Tom Harte, who paid tribute to both his own and Moyvane’s players.If the football Gods decree that these sides meet again in the Championship later in the year, mark it down……Maith na fir!

EMMETS: Darragh Fitzpatrick,Emmet McAuliffe,Sean Mahony,Tiernan Pierse,David Harris,Tony Boland,Dylan Quinn(1-01),Tom Harte(C)(0-01),Jack McElligott,Eddie Healy(0-01),Cillian Holly(0-02),Darragh Carey(0-03),Gearoid Mulvihill,Christopher McQuaid(0-06),Jake Shine(0-01),Sean Keane for Tiernan Pierse,Niall Horgan(2-01) for Gearoid Mulvihill,Nikolai O Callaghan for Jake Shine,Darragh Hudson for Sean Keane,Gearoid Mulvihill for Christopher McQuaid,Conor McCarthy,Kieran O Donoghue,Brian McEneaney

MOYVANE: Aidan Swan,Ciaran Mulvihill ©,Micheal Kissane,Conor Sweeney,Thaigh O Connor,Oisin Kennelly,Cian Sweeney(0-01),Jack O’ Connor(0-01),Jack O Keeffe(0-01),Sean Stackpoole,Cormac O Connor,TJ Mulvihill(2-02),Rian Quinn(0-01),Dara Mulvihill(1-02),Cathal Sweeney Patrick O Connor,Ger Brosnan(0-01),Fionn Mulvihill,Jamie Moloney,Luke Mansfield for Jack O Keeffe,Danny Lyons.

REFEREE: Peter Curtin (Brosna)