Regulations for Cup Competitions 2014

Regulations for Cup Competitions 2014

1. No postponements or cancellations unless in accordance with Rule

2. Penalties for non - playing of games to be decided by the CCC.

3. In the event of clash of colours, home team must change.

4.  Kieran Corridan Memorial Perpetual Cup competition be played and concluded within the month of August or prior to the commencement of the North Kerry Football Senior Championship

5. Teams contesting the Final must make their Team Lists available for Cup Programme as requested by the P.R.O

6. Field incursions will be strictly monitored, The sidelines will remain clear with only the Bainsteoir and Maor Foirne from both Clubs allowed to patrol the sideline. But they will not disrupt the Sideline official in any way. Water carriers, Physios etc must remain in the Dug out or in the confines of the designated areas.

7. Clubs must nominate two people responsible for the team, i.e. Bainsteoir and Maor Foirne these two people must be named prior to game with their names appearing on programme. They will be required to wear the Coloured bib supplied otherwise they will not be allowed onto the sidelines. These are the only two people allowed to come on the field of play re injury, instructions etc.

8. Strictly No Children Under the age of 16 will be allowed on the sideline.

9. Strict Fines will be imposed for breach of any of these Regulations.

Players named on the first 15, Players who have played intercounty Senior, Junior or U/21 and County Senior Football Championship with St Kieran's, Shannon Rangers or Feale Rangers Cannot play in the Kieran Corridan Memorial Perpetual Intermediate Cup or players who have played in all the above plus Intermediate Cup Cannot play in the  Brendan Boyle Memorial Junior Cup or  players who have played in all the above plus Intermediate Cup and the Junior Cup Cannot play in the Novice Cup

The host venue will be responsible for the stewarding and manning of gates, doors, and other areas of their grounds and premises the directing and parking of traffic will also be the responsibility of the host club which will be conducted through negotiations with the Executive of the Board.  The Host Club will be expected to have refreshments for the referee and Officials.  Venues will be expected to be properly lined and flagged with all entrance & exit gates manned.  Provisions must be made by the host Club to cater for members of the media.