Governing Senior, Junior and Minor Leagues.

(1) No Postponements or Re Arrangements unless in accordance with Rule. Seeking postponements for Stag Parties, Weddings or other Social occasions will not be entertained.

(2) In the event of a postponement being granted (Under Rule) the postponement will not be granted until an agreed date is arrived at by both the Clubs concerned preferably before the next Round and in agreement with the C.C.C. of the North Kerry Board. Otherwise no postponement will be granted and original fixture will stand. No re arrangements of games will be allowed after 5pm on Monday prior to each round of the league.

(3) The Home Club has the responsibility of providing the venue for their home games, the venue must be properly presented with the pitch properly lined, field markings such as flags and nets in place.

(4) Home Clubs whose grounds are unplayable must seek out another suitable venue to fullfil home fixture and must notify the (1) opposing team (2) Referee (Through the Referees Committee) (3) The Board Chairman or Secretary and the Board P.R.O. well in advance of the fixture time and Date.

(5) If an alternative suitable venue is not available to the home club, then the Home Club must travel to their opponents venue.

(6) Teams that do not comply with the appointed starting time will be punished by rule and if there is a repeated breach then the CCC will examine and deal with the matter.

(7) If the appointed referee or his nominee fails to turn up for fixture, any neutral qualified referee recognised by the Board or the County Board and affiliated to the Kerry Referees Committee may officiate. Official lists of all Kerry G.A.A. referees will be made available to all clubs in the form of the Eolaire.

(8) All issues regarding Referees and their appointments will only be addressed by either Eddie Anthony Walsh or Eamon Egan.

(9) It is the Responsibility of the home Club to pay the Referee expenses before each game. Failure to do so will result in the Club losing  Home advantage for their next game and pay double the fee's as fines.

10.In the event of clash of colours Home team must change.  In the Minor Leagues amalgamated teams must change.